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A "The Belt and Road Initiative" Tour of an Inverter

As one of a series of activities for the 2017 Astana Special World Expo with the theme of “Future Energy”, the World Conference on Science and Engineering recently opened in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. A number of experts and scholars discussed the potential of renewable energy utilization. Gu Yilei, director of the China Apollo Power Research Institute, described his future energy in his keynote speech.
“The new type of energy network characterized by high-permeability and renewable energy sources is the general trend.” Gu Yilei said, “The photovoltaic system that combines solar power generation and energy storage will achieve a wider range of energy substitution, and will go to urban industrial parks, to remote mountain areas, and realize Efficient and environmentally friendly power supply."
While conceiving the future, the pace of China's photovoltaics has long been deeply imprinted in the “Belt and Road”.
Wu Bin, a photovoltaic engineer, said that in the F-9 Park in Pakistan under the summer night, a row of street lights shines the same light as the daytime. He thinks that the hardships of installing and debugging equipment in these two years are worth it.

In November 2014, the Chinese and Pakistani governments signed an agreement, and the Chinese government agreed to help the Pakistani government to implement the F-9 Park solar lighting project in the form of grant assistance. The project was completed in November last year and can provide 24 hours of uninterrupted power supply throughout the park. This park has become a demonstration base for photovoltaic new energy.
Local residents Ahmad Ludi said: "Since Chinese companies have come to install solar lighting systems, everyone will have a good place for entertainment at night."
Providing energy storage inverters, energy management systems, and other micro-network system core equipment for this project is Sunlight Power Co., Ltd. from Anhui. As early as 2013, Solar Power undertook a 1 MW project in Cuba.
Zhao Wei, Senior Vice President of Sungrow Power, said: “The power infrastructure in some countries along the Belt and Road initiative is lagging behind. While sunshine resources are abundant, the use of solar power is even lower than the current cost of electricity. Chinese companies develop photovoltaic power generation there, and the economy The benefits and social benefits are obvious."
At present, Sunshine Power Products exports to more than 50 countries such as Chile, Brazil and Cuba, and has established more than 10 branches and subsidiaries in the world. As of the end of 2016, Sungrow Power had accumulated more than 38 million kilowatts of inverter equipment in the global market.
On May 31st, the world's largest international solar technology exhibition was held in Munich, Germany. Sunlight Power was unveiled. "Ten years ago, when we went to Germany, there was no emboldenedness. We are learning mentality. Now we go out to the exhibition and everyone needs to look at our products." Zhao Wei said that the "One Belt and One Road" policy is good, and in the future it will further speed up the layout. Enhance overseas market competitiveness.

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